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 Reminders before posting on the EVENT SECTION

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PostSubject: Reminders before posting on the EVENT SECTION   Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:19 am

Dear members,

The events section is aimed at promoting ongoing, upcoming or developing events and regular games involving airsoft shooting speed or practical shooting games all over the Philippines.

Members and event coordinators are advised to provide the full details and or update of such events.

Since we are promoting the sport of practical and speed shooting, members are allowed to post broadcasts international events both for airsoft and real-steel as this enables members and enthusiast promote and have a healthy discussion on the sport. Real steel competitions styles, guidelines and setup is almost all compatible with airsoft therefore having visibility of them will enable us to create and develop our sport effectively.


1. Always complete the title of the event.
2. Always complete the schedule, location and or viewing channel of such events.
3. Always update the main post for any changes when applicable.
4. Always consider the bandwidth being taken when including posters or photos for the event posted.
5. Always read first before asking any question to avoid unnecessary posting.

Thank you,
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Reminders before posting on the EVENT SECTION
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