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 Reminder before posting on the TECHNICAL SECTION

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PostSubject: Reminder before posting on the TECHNICAL SECTION   Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:33 am

Dear member,

The technical section is aimed at promoting the community assistance, tips and tricks, modifications and or setup of airsoft race guns and standard pistols. We want the community to help each other and increase the number of players of the sport.

Veteran gunsmiths and well versed enthusiast are essential in sharing their valuable knowledge and input to the community.

The technical section is not a debate arena where one questions the other's suggestion or idea. This is a free board and if a member doesn't like a suggestion made by another member or a post giving technical workarounds and such, each member has the right accept and follow it but does not have the right to criticize.

Airsofters are professionals and disciplined individuals, let us not follow what other airsoft forums failed to follow.

Thank you,
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Reminder before posting on the TECHNICAL SECTION
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