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 Airsoft Shooters Admin Message

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PostSubject: Airsoft Shooters Admin Message   Fri Apr 22, 2016 10:21 pm

Hello members,

First of all welcome to the Airsoft Shooters forums.

Those of you who have been part of several airsoft related forums, you will agree that most if not were battered with undisciplined members and posters which resulted in consistent bashing and debates just to be known and make a name for themselves.

These things are not a good sign that a community is united in one goal, which is to promote and extend the reach of airsoft across everyone.

This Airsoft Shooters forum is aimed at creating and healthy and informative discussion board where members all over the Philippines and even international guests can contribute to the development and idea sharing about how airsoft is utilized for Speed or Practical Shooting application which is taken from the real steel counterparts.

We aim at focusing on pistols since this is a shooting forum but there will be times where AEGs, and GBBRs can come in, but that is all acceptable.

Airsoft has been around the country for a long time and most of what we see are skirmish games and events but the art of accuracy shooting is sometimes left out.

We have several organization on airsoft practical shooting but it is not promoted where it reaches everyone, and no, Airsoft Shooters is not an organization but it is intended to be a gateway for everyone interested in the art of shooting to interact with everyone in the community.

As this forum grows, we may have members and organizers from these respective organizations to be part of the forum and share with everyone schedules, events etc.

As a member of this forum, we urge everyone to stick to what this forum was intended for as to maintain the credibility and reliability that with every members' input, we can achieve the best experience for everyone.

Thank you for all the support!
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Airsoft Shooters Admin Message
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